New Release: Growing Older in God’s Grace

Growing Older in God's Grace by Larry Swaim, Ph. D.Price: $12.99

Growing older is a privilege not everyone can enjoy.  For those who do reach their senior years, however, it is a period of time filled with both opportunity and significant challenges.  Each period of our lives has its own unique opportunities, and our senior years are no exception.  We have the incredible opportunity of influencing grandchildren – sometimes even great grandchildren – and of being an example of true Christian longevity to those younger members of our congregation.  It is a time during which we may be tempted to retire completely from Christianity and turn the work of the church over entirely to the younger members, which is understandable to some.  It is also true, however, that the younger members of the congregation need the wisdom and experience of Older Christians.  There should be a true, mutual respect between the older and younger members of the Lord’s church.

In this book we will discuss many of the opportunities and challenges of older age.  The subject matter is meant to inspire discussion when the book is used as a classroom reference.  As we grow older, each of us has our own experiences and stories to tell and the opportunity to be inspired by those older biblical characters who successfully traversed the often difficult path of growing older.  It is my sincere prayer that this book will be challenging, uplifting, and hopefully even inspiring, and that each chapter as it is read and studied will bring us a clear realization of the wonderful and unique privileges that we have as older Christians in God’s kingdom.

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